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Schema Visualizer for Oracle™ SQL Developer
Schema Visualizer for Oracle™ SQL Developer

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We are offering up to 50% discount for Educational licenses. The Educational licenses cannot be used for commercial purposes. Please, contact us for the price list.

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User License restricts the use of the Software to the person who purchased that license. Only the designated User (the "Licensee") may use the licensed Software. The Licensee may install the Software on more than one computer, but multiple instances of the Software will not be used at the same time. User Licenses are non-transferable. User Licenses are granted for an unlimited time using a particular Software version (major version, e.g. all versions of 1.x.y but not 2.x.y)

As a licensed user, you are eligible to receive technical support by e-mail and free minor updates (e.g. all versions of 1.x.y) for the period of one year.